In 1944, Andre Jobin is born in Saint-Casimir Quebec, where he completes his primary and secondary education. Thereafter, from 1960 to 1964, he continues training in interior design and furniture design at the Institut des arts appliqués of Montreal, where he graduates in 1964.

In 1989, he founded his own company,Mobilier de bureau Tangente Inc., of which he is still active. Several projects and achievements have seen the day on his drawing board, including its designs of confidentiality tools for ATMs and POSs, that became a product sought by financial institutions, and which we can find all over the province of Quebec.

Work experience

During 1964 and 1965, as a new graduate, he has the opportunity to work at the Canadian pavilion project for the Universal Exposition, held in Montreal in 1967, in the prestigious office of Mr. Julien Hébert, industrial designer. Research on the organization and implementation of structured projects, become a motivation at the start of his career.

Joy Displays Inc, from 1966 to 1968, he is responsible for the design and development of commercial shops for this manufacturer. He also supervises the work sites and assure the implementation of all components necessary to the shops.

Sainte-Marie & Laurent Inc, from 1968 to 1983, draftsman to the development of commercial shops, bank branches, he is also the supervisor for the establishment, starting often from concrete new site, of walls, ceilings, floors, finishing and all useful hardware and furniture for these premises. He also creates designs for executive office furniture, custom-made and series office furniture. Again he is in charge of organizing the production. The company left the market and sold its designs to BNI Furniture Industries Inc.

BNI Industries Inc. from 1983 to 1989, he accepts a new challenge as coordinator in the development of a new division: acoustic panel systems with built in furniture. He becomes manager of major projects carried out by BNI Inc., and trainer for sales teams in this division. In 1989, the company owned by a financial group, leaves the office furniture market and sells the asset to the manufacturer Artopex, a leader in the field.

Other continuing education: :

1972 - Course in factory management (evenings and weekends)
1975 - Seminars in Design and Environment (weekends)
1976 - A Course of A.B.C. Marketing (evenings and weekends)
1986 - Course on workplace ergonomics, presented by the University of Montreal and Bell Canada.

Professional association :

From 1969 to 2002 he is a member of the Interior Designers Association of Quebec. Shortly after, the association was dissolved.

Commitment to quality :

In 1993, as the owner of Mobilier de bureau Tangente Inc., under the government of Mr. Bourassa, he commits itself to promoting the quality, for products and services sold by its company. Periodically, he attends conferences, arguing about what quality brings us all in the life of every day. Also, he consults all relevant information available on the "Mouvement québécois de la qualité" Internet site.

Specialties and application

Planning and installation :

  • Open areas
  • Executive offices
  • Office clerical services
  • Community centers
  • Meeting room
  • Dining rooms for plants and offices
  • Storage space

Specialty : Keypad visors for ATMs and security stands for Pin Pad