The Company

Mobilier de bureau TangenteMobilier de bureau Tangente Inc. was incorporated in 1989. Since then, the company has furnished some financial institutions, a large administrative center at the University of Quebec in Quebec and small workspaces at the University of Montreal. Tangente is also the initiator of the planning and furnishing of the offices of the large paper mill in La Tuque, as well as administrative office spaces of the City Hall of La Tuque..


Tangente, had the opportunity to plan the redevelopment and to supervise the working sites for some Caisses populaires, as to relocating countertop sections, transforming entrances and hallways to allow the addition of new automatic teller machine, and also optimizing their office space.


With the guidance and support of its suppliers, Tangente has also completed projects as diverse as: meeting rooms, reception areas, conference rooms, classifying spaces for a ranking national telephone company, with several satellites locals and multiple private offices, and also the sale and installation of acoustic panels in the management offices of the City of Montreal, and more.


An insurance brokers office, in the process of opening, resort to Tangente for the development of its premises. The company worked closely with them over a period of about four years, in view of the expansion of their customer list, which led to a gradual increase in personnel, that required an evolutionary redesign to satisfy their need for working spaces.


In early 2000, a financial institution is concerned about privacy when using their ATMs. Tangente design, have manufacture and offers its product, a screen visor, under the name Visi \ screen -III ® and then sell and install is product on more than a thousand ATMs, to this financial institution.


Thereafter, ATMs users wish to protect themselves from prying eyes when composing their PIN on the keyboard. Tangente brings a new solution that is adopted and installed by the thousands again.


Tangente also provides Pin Pad visor/stand for payment by debit and credit (POS). Lokx-Nip® is the brand name identifying this line of products. Their design is adapted to several types of keyboard. These products are available to financial institutions and merchants, to prevent the substitution of payment devices without their knowledge, in order to prevent fraud by malicious individuals, which sooner or later affect us individually and collectively .


At Tangente, we are privileged to bring tangible and useful solutions in the planning of office spaces, community spaces, furnishings and to offer quality products that can help as many people as possible while working to make life better for those around us.


Contact us and let us know your needs... Our purpose is to arrive to the right solution for our customer.

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